BST (1+GMT): 18:00 – 18:10

Welcome by Mark van der Gaag

SLOWMO * Moderator Daniel Freeman


  1. The effects of SlowMo, a digital therapy targeting reasoning, on paranoia among people with psychosis: A randomised controlled trial


Philippa Garety (presenter 1), Thomas Ward (presenter 2), Richard Emsley, Kathryn Greenwood (presenter 3), Daniel Freeman, David Fowler, Elizabeth Kuipers, Paul Bebbington, Mar Rus-Calafell, Alison McGourty, Catarina Sacadura, Nicola Collett, Kirsty James, and Amy Hardy (presenter 4)


BST (1+GMT): 18:10 – 18:20 Philippa Garety will introduce the trial and present the main outcomes including mediation results.


BST (1+GMT) 18:20 – 18:30 Tom Ward will describe the delivery of therapy on the trial and present audio clips to illustrate the core therapeutic content.


BST (1+GMT) 18:30 – 18:40 Kathy Greenwood will then present a rigorous, co-produced thematic analysis of 22 service users’ subjective experiences of the therapy, which resulted in 6 themes, of relevance to mechanisms of the therapeutic process and change. This talk will also outline the impact of patient and public involvement at each stage of the study.


BST (1+GMT) 18:40 – 18:50 Amy Hardy will then describe user experience findings for SlowMo in relation to participant demographics, to examine whether the therapy design was effective at overcoming the ‘digital divide’ in psychosis. Future directions to support the implementation of SlowMo will be considered.

BST (1+GMT) 18:50 – 19:00 Discussion


 BST (1+GMT) 19:00 -19:10 BREAK


Elevators Pitches of young PhD researchers

* Moderator David van den Berg


  1. Thinking Preferences and Conspiracy Belief: Intuitive Thinking and the Jumping to Conclusions-Bias as a Basis for the Belief in Conspiracy Theories


BST (1+GMT) 19:10 – 19:17 Nico Pytlik (presenter), Daniel Soll and Stephanie Mehl


  1. Investigating the impact and underpinnings of Complex PTSD in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders


BST (1+GMT) 19:17- 19:24 Peter Panayi (presenter) Supervisors: Filippo Varese, Katherine Berry, Bill Sellwood, Rebecca Elliott. Collaborators: Richard Bentall, Dan Pulford, Carolina Campodinico

  1. Precision in the understanding and treatment of paranoia


BST (1+GMT) 19:24 – 19:31 Poppy Brown (presenter), Felicity Waite, Daniel Freeman

  1. Investigating potential mechanisms to improve precision targeting of psychological interventions for social anxiety in psychosis


BST (1+GMT) 19:31-19:38 Warut Aunjitsakul (presenter), Hamish J. McLeod, and Andrew Gumley

  1. An Integrated Cognitive-Behavioral Social Skills Training and Compensatory Cognitive Training Intervention for Negative Symptoms of Psychosis


BST (1+GMT) 19:38-19:45 Zanjbeel Mahmood (presenter) Mentors: Elizabeth Twamley, and Eric Granholm


  1. Feeling Safe-NL: A new recovery-oriented, transdiagnostic, modular, translational, and peer-supported treatment to achieve wellbeing and prevent the persistence of paranoia.


BST (1+GMT) 19:45 – 19:52 Eva Tolmeijer (presenter) Supervisors: David van den Berg, Mark van der Gaag, Daniel Freeman. Collaborators: Felicity Waite, Louise Isham, Arjan van den Berg, Robin Timmers, Filip Smit, Gert Stulp, Laura Bringmann, Hanneke Schuurmans, Rob van Grunsven, Tonnie Staring


 BST (1+GMT) 19:52 – 20:05 BREAK


* Moderator: Mark van der Gaag


  1. Title: The Feeling Safe Trial: psychological treatment for persistent persecutory delusions 

BST (1+GMT) 20:05 – 20:15 Daniel Freeman (presenter), Richard Emsley, Rowan Diamond, Nicola Collett, Emily Bold, Eleanor Chadwick, Louise Isham, Jessica C. Bird, Danielle Edwards, David Kingdon, Ray Fitzpatrick, Thomas Kabir, Felicity Waite


  1. Essential ingredients of CBTp case formulation

BST (1+GMT) 20:15 – 20:25 Helen M Spencer, Doug Turkington (presenter), Mark Freeston, & Robert Dudley

  1. A two-study individual participant data meta-analysis examining the effects of CBT compared with antipsychotics and the combination

BST (1+GMT) 20:25-20:35 Tony Morrison (presenter)

BST (1+GMT) 20:35-20:45 Discussion 

BST (1+GMT) 20:45 – 21:00

Discussants of the day: Tania Lincoln and David Fowler


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