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Paranoia Protocol GU Engels

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CBT instruction videos

We have made 10 CBT-technique instruction videos, performed by Dutch experts in CBT. The videos reflect core aspects of the technique, yet do not encompass the entirety (in order to remain limited in time). Please use them freely for your own inspiration or education purposes. Although the videos are in Dutch, English subtitles can be switched on (in youtube while playing the video-> click settings and look for subtitles).

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Self help guide for problems associated with psychosis (delusions and paranoia), using effective CBT strategies.

Make sense of the problem, then learn how to make positive changes

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Video: Coping with voices: Being with people

The ideas come from qualitative interviews (full paper:  A panel of people with lived experience have been integral to both the research and design of the animation.  Our hope is that the animation will be a tool that people can use to start conversations with their support network about what it’s like to hear voices, and share ideas about things that other people have found helpful when it comes to connecting.

Hearing voices can come in many forms – some voices are friendly, helpful, insightful and inspiring whilst others are scary, critical or commanding. This animation, produced in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford and the McPin Hearing Voices Lived

“What is CBT?”

In cooperation with the Dutch society for CBT we have made a explanimation on CBT.


Feel free to use and spread it!

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Demoralization treatment manual

Gedachten Uitpluizen - boek CBT for Demoralization

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“Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia”

Why people sometimes hear voices, believe things that others find strange, or appear out of touch with reality …and what can help An overview of the current state of knowledge in the field, concluding that psychosis can be understood and treated in the same way as other psychological problems such as anxiety or shyness.

We only did translate the treatment manual. Included in the original Gedachten Uitpluizen boek in Dutch is the state of the art of CGT for psychosis. We think that this free PDF from the Britisch Psychological Society covers a lot of what we have written in our Dutch book.


We have an English version of the COMET protocol..

COMET English

These are downloads to use with the translated Dutch CBT protocols “Gedachten Uitpluizen”

Self esteem

CBTdemor Self esteem

Positive diary

CBTdemor Positive diary

Multidimensional evaluation

CBTdemor Multidimensional evaluation

Inactivity circle

CBTdemor Inactivity cycle


CBTdemor Goals

Demoralization interview

CBTdemor Demoralization interview

Case formulation

CBTdemor Case Formulation

Behavioral experiment

CBTdemor Behavioural experiment

Activity scheduling

CBTdemor Activity Scheduling

CBT for those at risk of a First Episode Psychosis

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